Cultural Foulness & Adulteration

'Cultural Adulteration' by Nizar M. Halloun © Attribution Non commercial Share Alike
‘Cultural Adulteration’ by Nizar M. Halloun © Attribution Non commercial Share Alike

Nizar M. Halloun | June 4, 2014 | Letters

About cultural foulness and adulteration… say Coelho, for example.

Beforehand, I –must– warn you, due to severe irritation and unrepairable harm this might cause, I will not, because I dare not, quote from any of his “works”. Junk indexing is inevitable I will however do my best to spare Google’s crawling knees while quoting some things he said and oblige your sensory displeasure :

“I’m modern because I make the difficult seem easy, and so I can communicate with the whole world” says Modesto emn… Coelho (my emphasis). “There is nothing”, nada, in James Joyce’s Ulysses he later added, “stripped down, Ulysses is a twit”.

Now on to less serious sources : Ulysses is “the most prominent landmark in modernist literature” and “the most important expression which the present age has found; it is a book to which we are all indebted, and from which none of us [but Coelho] can escape” said T.S. Eliot and it is of “unprecedented, and unequalled, linguistic and stylistic virtuosity” reported the NYTimes. How, I beg you crawling, can such a person have sold, like Manuscrito encontrado em Accra and many others did, more than 115 million copies in more than 160 countries?

Twit or not, here Coelho comes with acquainted and aquatinted key-worded themes : seeming easiness. Easy to write, easy to sell, easy to read, easy to communicate.
Adultery is the sixteenth “major” nuke-nook-book by Coelho and touches (oulala, wink) on the theme of : shut your coelacanth! you would have never guessed… adultery.  It is a dishonest tart, à la cherry, that lays an average of a pseudo-intellectual literature every other year. In line with the many other erotico-pornographic novels, the focus on the surface and pretentiousness are inveterate, and thereby, with rhetoric over content in all of his writings, there is not a scatter of will nor a possibility to an honest exploration.

Diagnosis :
This condition may very possibly involve a deeply anchored self-delusion or a condescending profusion thriving fully on  alphabetised carnavalesque fools.

Click on the picture, it will lead you to Ulysses.



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