Occupied Paris

'Occupied Paris' by Nizar M. Halloun © Attribution Non commercial Share Alike

 Nizar M. Halloun  | June 2, 2014 | Travel 

   “I have remained twenty years in Jerusalem, and since I have always slept at home” said al-Maqdisī, the medieval Palestinian geographer, born in Jerusalem in 946 AD.  “His description of Palestine, says Le Strange, and especially of Jerusalem, his native city, is one of the best parts of the work. All he wrote is the fruit of his own observation, and his descriptions of the manners and customs of the various countries, bear the stamp of a shrewd and observant mind, fortified by profound knowledge of both books and men”.

If Paris was occupied for 66 years, the Cour Carrée et Pyramide du Louvre would perhaps resemble my photograph.

Take me wherever you are —
Take me whatever you are.
Restore to me the colour of face
And the warmth of body
The light of heart and eye,
The salt of bread and rhythm,
The taste of earth… the Motherland.

Mahmoud Darwish



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