'Laura' by Nizar M. Halloun © Attribution Non commercial Share Alike

Nizar M. Halloun | May 19, 2014 | Travel

Laure de Noves’ statue is one of the most beautiful pieces in the Luxembourg Gardens. She was the daughter of a knight and possibly Petrarch’s Laura. He saw her for the first time in the church of Sainte-Claire in Avignon, on April 6, 1327, it was a Good Friday. She was a virtuous woman and although married, he loved her for twenty years, a platonic love, until he learned that she had succumbed to the plague, and never ceased to regret her for the rest of his life.

Blessed be the day, and the month, and the year,
and the season, and the time, and the hour, and the moment,
and the beautiful country, and the place where I was joined
to the two beautiful eyes that have bound me

Benedetto sia ‘l giorno, et ‘l mese, et l’anno,
et la stagione, e ‘l tempo, et l’ora, e ‘l punto,
e ‘l bel paese, e ‘l loco ov’io fui giunto
da’duo begli occhi che legato m’ànno



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