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15 thoughts on “IHS

    1. God bless you in the search of the Truth.

      IHS comes from the Greek ΙΗΣΟΥΣ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ — written ΙΗϹΟΥϹ ΧΡΙϹΤΟϹ

      “The Greek letter iota is represented by I, and the eta by H, while the Greek letter sigma is either in its lunate form, represented by C, or its final form, represented by S. Because the Latin-alphabet letters I and J were not systematically distinguished until the 17th century, “JHS” and “JHC” are equivalent to “IHS” and “IHC”.”

        1. Too many reasons to go into really, essentially, I believe them to be the evillest organization on this planet, and that they have done an immense ammount of damage to genuine christianity, by introducing false teaching in the true christian church.the so called pope is also jesuit..roman catholicism makes me want to puke.

          I wasnt trying to be rude when I asked you were a Jesuit 😀

        2. I see, I’m catholic, and willing to have a look on any links you’d like to send me. Would like to understand why you believe they are evil. I’m on Facebook under Nizar M. Halloun, don’t hesitate to drop by!

        3. OK I dont think i will be contacting anyone on facebook that is on wordpress.. I dont want anyone to know who I am really..prefer it that way..

        4. yes, i will do,, i visited your blog, it looks interesting etc,l like the pictures..have a nice christmas

        5. The Jesuits were in charge of the inquisitions, and as i said earlier, they have infiltrated the christian churches introducing their lies,causing division, this was all in response to the reformation etc..

          they are still trying to bring everyone under the authority of the so called pope..

          I would rather be burnt alive, than become catholic, or acknowledge catholicism as being christian.

          All i can suggest to you is that you re-evaluate as to whether you still wish to remain as a catholic, or actually get saved,


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